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Primal- (adj.)
1. Original, yet primitive
2. first in importance

Grade- (adj.)
1. a position of scale/ranks/equalities
2. something you don't want to receive from a teacher, but from your peers
3. being, involving, or yielding domestic animals of improved but not pure stock

Primalgrade= PWR


My inspiration blog, also featuring some of my work

btw, i do not own the pictures, unless stated otherwise... or if it says AED/PRIMALGRADE/BOMFCK/TheGOODS.

September 8th career goals

career goals

September 6th

mike tyson is a role model.. my favorite boxer ever

August 26th

!AED* - Punani (in NYC) VIDEO

produced by !AED* 

shot by Hollywood Kev

we were up in NYC doin some bay shit. Would love to visit again soon. 




August 1st

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July 9th Outside bape soho

Outside bape soho

July 2nd

Doja Cat - So High (!AED* Remix)



July 2nd

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July 2nd

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July 2nd  


July 2nd

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